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Insurance and other Coverages

Direct billing to insurance plans,
workers compensation and DVA.
*** Medical Referral not required ***

Private health insurance: Most private health insurance plans cover chiropractic services. To determine the amount of coverage you have you will need to call your insurer. Many plans allow us to bill them directly for the services you receive. Medical referral is not required in order to access chiropractic treatments.

Automobile insurance: If you are injured in an automobile accident you have coverage for all reasonable expenses, including chiropractic treatments, incurred within 4 years of the date of the accident. If you provide us with the name of your insurance adjuster we can start the process to get your coverage approved. Medical referral for chiropractic services is not a requirement and in most cases we can bill the insurance directly on your behalf.

Worker’s Compensation: If you are an injured worker, your treatments are covered under the province’s worker’s compensation system (WHSCC). Workers who have sustained injuries within the past 90 days can begin treatment without pre-approval from WHSCC. If your injury occurred more than 90 days ago you can be assessed by your chiropractor; however, approval must be given by WHSCC before your treatments can begin. Medical referral for chiropractic treatments under WHSCC is not required.

DVA: If you are eligible for DVA benefits you may have chiropractic coverage. To determine if you have coverage, we can contact DVA directly on your behalf. Medical referral is not required.

RCMP: If you are a member of the RCMP you have chiropractic coverage and we can direct bill your insurance on your behalf. Medical referral is not required.

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*Direct billing to insurance plans, workers compensation and DVA.
*Medical Referral not required