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Headaches are commonly caused by problems in the upper back and neck. Headaches often occur when neck and upper back muscles become tight as a result of poor posture, stress, repeated trauma, or injuries, such as whiplash. Recent research has revealed that many patients with headache pain experience quick and effective relief with chiropractic care.

To determine if chiropractic can help you, your doctor of chiropractic will need to take a thorough patient history and perform a physical examination. You will be asked to describe your headache pain and symptoms as well as what triggers or helps your headaches. Your chiropractor will want to know about past injuries to your head and neck, and about other conditions that may be contributing to your headaches.

Following your consultation, your chiropractor will examine your neck to identify areas of pain, muscle spasms, and restrictions in neck movement. He will also assess your posture, blood pressure, reflexes, and cranial nerves in order to determine the cause of your headaches. If it is determined that your headaches are related to irritation or injury to the spinal nerves and tissues of the neck, chiropractic treatment options will be discussed with you. If it is determined that chiropractic cannot help with your headaches, you will be referred to your family medical doctor for further evaluation and treatment

Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines have been developed by the chiropractic profession in order to improve the effectiveness of chiropractic care of headaches. These guidelines attest to the commitment of the profession to advance evidence based practice. A review of recent scientific evidence supports chiropractic treatment as an effective therapy for many patients who suffer with headaches.

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